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Thread: Visual Boy Advance GX 1.0.8

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    Visual Boy Advance GX 1.0.8

    QUOTED Fr Tantric of - TehSkeen

    Thank you for the great work

    I'm proud to present a new version of Visual Boy Advance GX - 1.0.8. Carl Kenner has joined the "team" (that makes two of us now ) and has contributed some significant enhancements. Here's the changelog, most of which is his work:

    [What's New 1.0.8 - April 4, 2009]
    * "Match Wii Game" controls option! Games that have a Wii equivalent can be played using the controls for that Wii game. For example all Zelda games can be played with Twilight Princess controls.
    * Rotation/Tilt sensor games all work
    * Solar sensors (Boktai 1/2/3)
    * Rumble (except for games that rely on Gameboy Player)
    * Keyboard
    * PAL support, finally!
    * New scaling options, choose how much stretching you want
    * Colourised games now partially work but still have distortion
    * "Corvette" no longer has a screwed up palette (but still crashes)
    * Triggers net reconnection on SMB failure
    * Source code refactored, and project file added
    * Instructions section added to the readme file
    Note: This version does not include the new GUI style seen in Snes9x GX 4.0.0. You will see that in a later version.
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    xD I just posted this in Homebrew news lol, I thought you wanted me to post it up. Should I delete it?


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