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Thread: WBFS for MacOS X

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    Thumbs up WBFS for MacOS X

    Source: darkten of TehSkeen

    Thanks for the great work


    it should be (we hope) fairly straightforward.

    You'll need to format your USB Drive/device with your Wii; we didn't want anyone making any kind of mistakes

    Once you do that, you can simply run the app and plug in your drive. The Finder won't complain, no errors about Unrecognized Filesystems, etc.

    Any of your games you've backed up on your Wii will be listed in the file viewer. You can extract any title you like from the drive and save it to your Mac for safekeeping, erase and restore your backups back to the drive, as well as make Homebrew Channel launchers from an easy, professional Mac app.

    You can download it here

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    Wow, I wish it could be this easy on Vista. :\

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    Woah, I was prepared to just boot camp the damn thing vs. waiting for a Mac native solution.

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    Thanks for this, just looking if i can use it...

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    Thx for this great app

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    Ok.. so I'm more than a little lost - HOW do you make the Home Brew channel links?

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    I can't seem to find this app. Can anyone help me find a place to download it?


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    Let me google that for you

    I found it in a french forum earlier today.

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    I found it on Demonoid. Thanks anyway.

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    Can i transfer from one usb drive to another wbfs formatted drive or does it need backing up to mac first?? Got a new drive and would like to just go from old to the new without having to fill the laptops hdd up

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