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Thread: My First DriveKey

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    Smile My First DriveKey

    As this is my first time at this forum let me first say hello to everyone.

    I recently purchased my very first DriveKey.

    I was wondering if there are any basics that I need to know before I proceed.

    For example, do I need to to update DriveKey once I install it, if so where would I find the updates.

    Also, are there any basic rules or guides as to how to burn backup games, i.e. burn software to use, speed, disc brand, other utilities, etc..

    And, finaly, any other useful infomration.

    Thank you all in advance.

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    Your first Drive Key? You shouldn't really have to buy more then one lol xD, just search Drive Key and everything will be clear for you. ;D

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    Program's Use nero or img burn. 4X or lower speed, Good media. ridisc extreme,tdk branded,ritec g05.Verbatium All are good media and work well with the wii.As for updates for your drive key i aint sure i think it depends on what version of drivekey you have i think.

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    Do I need to use Brick blocker with DriveKey.

    From what I understand you apply the Brick blocker to the ISO image and then burn it!

    Is that a necessary step when using DriveKey?

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    Only if you are going to use game's from other region's then your own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by withnail View Post
    Only if you are going to use game's from other region's then your own.
    What would hapen if I apply the Brick blocker to a game that is from my own region? Could that cause an issue?

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    Esabet, i pretty sure that there is no need to use brickblocker on game's from your own region, unless you do not want to change your firmware for homebrew.It is safe to upgrade firmware on a disc from your own region.

    What you could do is always keep your firmware up to date, thru wii system menu then you would not have to worry about updates on game. Just make sure to use brickblocker on game's from other region's and you should be safe from bricking the white box of tricks

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    esabet take a look at this vid it tell's you how to get into your config menu on your drivekey


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