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Thread: Wii Mod Chips?

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    Wii Mod Chips?

    I have a modded Wiifree Wii , the problem is that 3 of the 5 games i have dont work 1 works fine and one kinda works (cant read cd).Ive read some sites that say some of the keys are not working properly b/c of the new Wii systems that came out in June.

    Any1 can tell me whats going on ?

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    Could be a few things.

    1) Bad wiring, soldering
    - Go in and check make sure everything is wired correctly, with enough solder and wires arnt shorting out, along with the chip being properly grounded with foam or lots of electrical tape.

    2) Bad disc or backup
    - get a new backup and try that

    3) Bad Chip
    - You may have a fake cheap aftermarket chip, all depends where you purchased it from


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