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Thread: files unpacked as header files what do i do

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    Unhappy files unpacked as header files what do i do

    Hi i downloaded Mario Party 8 & when i extracted the files rather than seeing a whole bunch of .rar files as expected so that i could get an ISO once i extracted them instead i got a whole list of what looked like header files.

    e,g c-mp8.01; c-mp8.02.................c-mp8.91

    each one is about 48MB

    how am i supposed to get these into an ISO format?

    it look me forever to get the game

    the NFO file doesnt tell me anything either

    all help would be appreciated

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    OMG what the F***

    I ended up renaiming all 91 files to read c-mp8.r01, c-mp8.r02.............c-mp8.r91

    then extracted them & by some miracle ir created a .ISO file which ive managed to burn & it works

    why the hell package the game like that

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    Well, its a Split Rar, you see them all the time when you start getting into file sharing. what it is, is you have a file of 4.8 gb, rared it is 4.1, rar split, 3.8 because all the files are split and rared it actually is better because you can necessarily track files (Government) that are split like that. but you also have shorter download times. If you got it working ok, then we dont really need to supply any help.

    You could always have right clicked on one of them and hit open with, Select Program from list, WinRAR, always use this program for this kind of file types (Check box), Ok, then right click drag that one file in the folder to somewhere else and click extract here. That works too

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    lol - damn you make it too easy

    oh well i will know better for next time

    i was just glad that after 8 hours of downloading I managed to get the game to work :-)

    thanks again for your help


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