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Thread: Homebrew Channel Black Screen Again

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    Homebrew Channel Black Screen Again

    Sometimes i get a black screen when load something there or don't load anything just exit whats the problem i do have starfall installed maybe its that causing it any suggestions? what is remove rescue menu from diagnostic Disc check?
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    bump can someone help me with this only problem i have with my wii <_>.

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    StarFall blocks u fm updating. in other words, the wii may end up lack of latest IOS's for the playing latest games, fm time to time.
    solving it by installing new (more) IOS, cIOS. while u don't want to be 4.0x for the time being, search the pak of Firmware_Updater_4.0, install it and maintain the wii at 3.x..

    enjoy without blackscreen.

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    my hbc sometimes does that,i dont think its a big deal,does it happne when you try to play games or lunching homebrew channel?

    " remove rescue menu from diagnostic Disc check" is a method to boot the console from disk without loading the system menu.its usfull to recover from bricks caused by bad wads
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    thx guys have 3.2 well downgraded from 3.3v1 to 3.2 well i IOS i have my wii are 55,53,38,249,51,16,37,36,35,34,33,31,30,28,22,20,1 7,15,14,13,12,11,21,MIOS,BC,systemMenu,9,4,
    am i missing any? aiat blackscreen occurs random does not do it all the time but does when i exit homebrewchannel sometimes or load something there,something making it do that i just don't know what ill keep remove rescue menu from diagnostic Disc check because its play fine just the homebrewchannel gives me blackscreen sometimes not launching it when loading something in it or exit.
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    i dont think you are missing any(maybe someone else can check that?).
    as i said mine does it sometimes-like when i run an app- but i dont remember it going black when i try to exit.
    maybe trying the latest version of HBC solves it,worth a try

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    nope i have lastest homebrew channel 1.0.1 i really don't know whats the problem only problem with my wii there got be something causing this help.


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