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    Ca 2 questions

    Ok guys first of all Im trying to copy a wii game from a dvd i'm using rawdump,region 1.21 wiibrick blocker burn with imgburn and when i put in the wii i get a error 001 how can i fix that?I can read all my other burned games.
    2nd Updated to 4.0u can i downgrade to my old version?If so what programs do l need to downgrade.

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    the 001 error maybe due to not having the proper ios installed and as for you're second question so far there is nothin you can do with the 4.0u you're pretty much stuck with it unless the coders find a way around it

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    what is your problem with 4.0 at the moment?

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    Nothing is wrong with 4.0.But all the new games i can't play on the wii.I can play 06-07 games but nothing higher then that.All other games I get the 001 error.Can i update the modchip with version 4.0?


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