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Thread: Wii System Menu dissapeared! Help!

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    Wii System Menu dissapeared! Help!

    So I was looking for a way to unhack my wii (so I could start over, way too many things went wrong) and read up about in the forums and followed the suggestions to format my Wii.

    After doing so it shut down and when I turned it off, much to my amazement, my Wii System Menu was gone and now I'm in some random menu that has the following options:

    Homebrew Channel
    Installed File

    Load/install File
    Systemmenu Hacks

    IOS v3.0
    Systemmenu v290 preloader v0.28

    What do I do? Any help is much appreciated!


    So after receiving some advice on other forums I thought I'd update my progress here so that we don't go through the same process lol.

    I've made the systemmenu my autostartup in my settings, doesn't work.
    When I try to access the systemmenu it says "Error autobooting systemmenu! Ticket not found!"
    When I try to access the Homebrew Channel it says "Error autobooting HBC, maybe title not installed?"
    I've tried installing a wadmanager boot.dol and an autoboot.dol and a region changer thingy.dol and although installing successfully all I get are code dumps.
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    I have the same problem

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    Kudos on bricking you Wii =]

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    Did you juat reformat then this happened?? or did you do something else before or after?

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    not so fast boys...
    I fixed it. I emptied all the cIOScor wads and put in my system menu wad. Ran HBC and started CIOS. It autoran my systemmenu wad. It then wanted date time lang. etc... Then I ran hack uninstaller and then reloaded preloader and Viola!

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    Weaponx11 - we have the same issue. New at this can you help with instructions and links that will help us?

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    re-install system menu file and you'll should be fine
    like use wad man to install your regions system menu i think you have to install a certain "ios" not too sure which one but i know it different for diff fw. IE ios30 for 3.2 and ios60 for 4.1 ios70 for 4.2 then you install system menu files(ead files)but don't go by me i'm not too sure anymore so if someone can confirm this or not
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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by serprus View Post
    Kudos on bricking you Wii =]
    Wow your a douchebag, you not only sarcastically mock somebody for messing up their Wii, you don't give any advice on how to fix it.

    I'm glad you got your system working OP.

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    see my above post.

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