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Thread: 8gb SDHC no Homebrew?

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    8gb SDHC no Homebrew?

    I had a 2gb SD card and I was about out of space. Upgraded to 4.0 with the guide and can still install wads and everything works (With the 2gb card). When I coppied everything over to the new 8gb card (2 times reformated for 2nd try) the homebrew channel is blank and I know there is an \apps\ and \wads\ with all the same stuff that was on my 2gb card.

    Is there something special I need to do for SDHC support for Homebrew with 4.0?


    PS: i tried to search but could not find much on 4.0 and SDHC.

    It was the Kingston 8gb MicroSDHC Class 4. (Channels work but homebrew is blank)
    My Sandisk 8gb MicroSDHD Class 4 works to run them, but the 'WadLoader1.3' fails with I think error=-0001 or something. I guess I install from 2gb and then swap and then move to 8gb sandisk for now. I dont really use wadloader much, glad to have homebrew back. =)
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    doesnt homebrew load off your sd card? i think 2gb is the max for readable sd cards. anything higher doesnt work

    edit: ok apparently not haha
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    what format is ur SDHC ?
    FAT ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by billyhome View Post
    what format is ur SDHC ?
    FAT ?

    Quote Originally Posted by ClosetMonkii View Post
    check out this still growing card list

    SD/SDHC Card Compatibility Tests - WiiBrew
    That list is what made me try the 8gb Sandisk from my MP3 player. Just sucks being I got an 8gn Kingston for my Mom also, so need to take it back and get a new one.

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    I know this is an old post, but i wanted to thank you for the compatability link. now i know why mine didn't work.


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