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Thread: Download Problems on The VC

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    Download Problems on The VC

    Okay this is really weird, last summer I downloaded about 15-20 WAD files. But when I updated to System Menu 4.0, most of my VC channels wouldn't launch, I kept getting a "Failed to Launch" error on 90% of my games that were installed from WADs. Anyways, I deleted the ones that would no longer work and tried to download them again only this time, I'd actually buy them. When I went to purchase "Punch Out!!" for the NES (A game previously installed via WAD file) it gave me an transaction error and wouldn't download. But fortunately, the the 500 points button changed to a 0 points one and I tried again, give me the same error. What the hell is wrong, can someone tell me?

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    As far as I know, you should uninstall the wads using wad manager (press (-) on the wad file) This should remove all traces of the "backup" VC channel, and allow you to legitimately download it from the shop. (no promises)

    Meaning you will have to put the wad files on your SD card again to be able to remove them from your wii using wad manager (odd setup I know)

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    Well, is there anyway I can use WAD manager to uninstall them? I accidentally deleted the Homebrew Channel after updating to System Menu 4.0, I guess I'm screwed and I'm NOT formatting my Wii because of my Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Kart Wii gamesaves that cannot be back up to a SD card. What do I do?

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    wow. I don't even know how to uninstall HBC even if I wanted to. Sorry to say but you are screwed until a workaround is found for the Twilight hack or something else. No HBC + 4.0 = screwed and tattooed for now.

    I am thinking the twilight hack would still work on 4.0, if you could get it onto the system, that is the problem currently (it wont let you copy it from SD any more)

    I suspect the twilight hack folks will find something soon enough.

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    Now I have the Homebrew Channel back and I'm about to legally purchase one of the games I installed through the WAD Manager. It's Punch Out!! for the NES and I hope it doesn't give me an error again because I removed all the WAD tickets from the Wii. I hope I can download them without getting a transition error. I hope this works!

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    It sound like your missing a IOS.
    I am not sure which one you need , its been awhile since I upgraded.

    Try installing cIOS249.rev.9 ..
    Also there is a link in the toots,faq section that will tell you a little more on
    how to upgrade...


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