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Thread: Homebrew Channel for firmware 4.0E

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    Unhappy Homebrew Channel for firmware 4.0E

    Hi all,

    I'm a newbie to Wii Hack.

    Can someone please be kind enough and give me a good news that the homebrew channel exists somewhere on this planet for firmware 4.0E ?

    I just got myself internet channel last week and in process of that my firmware was updated to 4.0E. In the next two days looking for some kool online games I could play on the console I came across Homebrew Channel and it was already too late....

    any help out there somewhere !!!

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    Nope. There is no way to install the Homebrew Channel for the first time on 4.0 right now.

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    not the answer I was looking for...but thanks for replying to my post.


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