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Thread: Ravin Rabbids TV party

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    Ravin Rabbids TV party

    Ive searched everywhere about trying to get this game to work and ive seen so many half cut answers.
    I have a soft modded wii with v.3.2e. Ive burned this game exactly the same way as all my other wii backups and this is the only one that wont work.
    Ive read that i need to install cios37, but having downloaded this, the .wad file was missing. Not a porblem as i found it and downloaded that.
    Next i read that if i install this, none of my other games will work that ive backed up and i dont wanna risk this because i dont wanna have to go thru soft modding my wii again, which i cant do coz of v4.0 -~sigh~-.
    Ive also tried booting it up using the 002 fix backup launcher off of my sd card but all i got there was a 349 error.

    So can some one plz give me a straight answer on this situation and how/where to install the correct files that i need.
    Im quite capable of finding any files that are needed so theres no need to post any links. Just a decent non-sarcastic straight answer....PLEASE.

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    i guess i came to the wrong place for help

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    I have a 3.2u wii , used Eoc's guide to downgrade from 3.3u. also have cios 36 rev.8 , ios-55,38,53, used backuploader gamma to force my region (my raving rabbs tv is pal) worked great. Then i decided to try softmii . Installed from phase 2 on up and still works great. Sorry if i didnt help much just telling you what's working for me.

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    i have this backup also. ntsc. im on 3.3u and works perfect. non patched

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    i also downloaded this game it worked with backup launcher gamma thru HBC and thru backup channel it worked on 3.4E then i downgraded to 3.2E and it still worked then i upgraded thru nintendo to 4.0E and the game still plays

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    I have this for my 3.4u and it works great as well!!


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