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Thread: Ive got a.wii extension what do i do

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    Ive got a.wii extension what do i do

    i i managed to download wiiplay as multiple .rar files.
    when i extracted them hoping to get a .ISO file I got a .WII extension instead.
    e.g. wiiplay.wii

    i thought maybe if i just rename this to .ISO & then burn it would work but alas it didnt

    any ideas please?

    Thanks a bunch

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    I have never seen a .wii extension before.. i would have probably done the same thing and renamed it.. was there a .txt or .nfo file you can read?

    Also check the comments left on the site you got it from....

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    yes actually a .wii is the unscrambled data of a .ISO you have to use tools to decode them to a .ISO

    here is a tutorial about how to make your own copies
    HOW to backup WII GAMES.(guide)

    but if you downloaded a file and it is in .wii format, you are better off unscrammbling it with this tool

    RapidShare: 1-Click Webhosting

    I havent had the opportunity to try it myself, but if you are unable to figure it out there might be a way for me to test it, or for you to just make a new backup or d/l one

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    Thanks for your help guys
    there wasnt anything in the NFO file
    and I got the file from easynews so nothing to read there either.
    I will try & loacte the file you suggested & see if i can unscramble it.
    I sure hope so cos with my slow ass connection it takes me forever to get the game in the 1st place

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    Hey, Where are you located? drop me a PM

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    hey dude i wasnt able to use that unscrambler file you sent me

    i didnt know what to do with it to be honest

    any other ideas - why the hell would someone package it like this

    btw im in london

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    unscrambler isnt to hard i have tried to explain it simply for you

    place the unscrmaber file into the same directory as the >WII file

    Then you will have to go to START, then RUN type in cmd That will bring up a dos box.

    Once there it should look something like C:\documentsandsetting\files>
    or something like that,

    then type in cd\
    that should take you back to the c:> prompt.

    then you will have to change directory to where the .WII file eg
    type in cd games

    that will put you in the c:\games> directory.

    if that is where you .WII file is then type in
    unscrambler yougame.WII whateveryouwanttocallit.ISO

    PM me if you need a hand
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    you guys are straight geniuses

    thanks a bunch man

    i will try it later today & let you know how i get on

    much appreciated for the help man

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    I have been trying to get the undc04 to
    work for over 6hours, gave up on it.
    If anyone can get it to work, please let me know.

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    how to do it on a mac? thanks.

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