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Thread: Hard or Soft Mod

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    Hard or Soft Mod

    I asked the question in the wrong section I guess. I did get some good answers, but wanted to see more opinions. I see so far that most will go Hard Mod. Will be able to get the full advantage of the internet use? Also will I be able to play most games? What Happens when I get a new game and it wants to update, am I able to update with the game, or does most Torrents have the update blocker on them? I am very Noob to the Wii.

    All opinions and help will be great.

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    Get a chip and the homebrew channel and you will be able to do just about anything with your wii, you can block updates easily, and keep your wii up to date safely! Going on the net is no problem so long as you don't cheat.

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    agree with #2 post. hardmod is easy and hassle-free, and is almost brick-proof. the installation process of modchip is very noob friendly. I would recommend wasabi zero, as i myself and all of my friends have great success with it.

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    chipmod is only way to give u the most safety protection playing ISO's.
    when "unexpected" error happens, chipmod helps recovery always in simple way, good for newbies, as well.


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