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Thread: Damaged D2E drive - still works, kind of

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    Damaged D2E drive - still works, kind of

    I doubt anyone will be interested, but here goes nothing. I hate to throw away anything that's working.

    My boyfriend and I decided to try to remove the epoxy off my D2E drive. Big mistake. Have replaced it and now need to get rid of this thing.

    Bottom line: The drive still works. Just not as good as it should. We played Mario Kart Wii on it for days while we waited for the new drive.

    It runs kind of loud. I think we melted something to do with the drive spinning, but it doesn't always spin loud. Just sometimes. Works very well when lying flat, rather than on its side.

    The clip that holds the cable in has misshapen and melted off. I still have the clip if you have some way to fix it. I had the cable taped in there while I waited for the new drive to come in.

    You have to give the games a bit more of a push to get them in the drive. I don't know what we damaged in regards to that, but the games WILL go in and run just fine.

    Is anybody interested in this thing? Is it salvageable in any sense to be worth anyone's while? I hate to trash it because technically it does still work...

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    I'll take it, i'll pay for shipping and a reasonable price of the drive, it would be a life saver if I could get that drive!


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