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Thread: Downgraded from 3.4E to 3.2U

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    Downgraded from 3.4E to 3.2U

    is that a problem?

    I have the homebrew channel and backup launcher channel, well i can see them..

    How do i know they work?

    I tried using this softmii thing, and the NAND browserdoesn't install..

    nothing seems to install properly, always some error 1107 or something..ret?

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    I actually changed it to 3.2E now.

    STARFALL doesn't load, just fails and exit, whatever combination of b+1 or b+2 i press, anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

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    When I did it I had to press B+1 about 6 or more times, I lost count. Just keep pressing it and it will work.


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