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Thread: Issues with everything...

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    Issues with everything...

    I've been browsing these forums looking for solutions but my problems are getting worse and more frustrating, i need help.
    To start off, I just reformatted my wii. This was in hopes i could start this all over fresh and not have error with everything i try. I had homebrew wad manager installed but was unsuccessful getting everything working right.
    I had followed a tutorial that wasnt on this site, ( i hadnt discovered this site yet...)
    I was getting errors with installation of cios, wad manager, dvdx. i got the wii update (first time ever updating it) and refered to a turorial here for getting it all set up and still errors. Thats when i decided to reformat.

    Now my issue is that trying to get homebrew back twilight hack will not move to my wii system. I havent got the wii update yet. should i?
    If i can get homebrew back, i will follow tutorial here and use the files provided here unlike last time and hopefully have more luck. But at this point i just need help with this twilight hack issue. thanks, and sorry if this was covered somewhere, im just getting so frustrated and upset, especially now that i did the format lost all my mii's and still am having issues.

    Oh, and when attempting to move or copy twilight hack it says "The data may not have been copied" and it doesnt...

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    Apparently the wii format does not remove updates so i still have 4.0 and was reading and discovered twilight hack does not work with it. so... i cant seem to find a way to remove the update. is there a way?
    i should have never updated, or formated for that matter, fml

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    Looks like you're gonna have to wait for a new exploit to be released, there's no way of hacking 4 yet.


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