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Thread: HUGE Virtual Console/Hombrew Wad Problem

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    Ca HUGE Virtual Console/Hombrew Wad Problem

    Hi, my name is Syrek and I started using Homebrew about a month or so ago. Since then I have been happily enjoying such games like Super Smash Bros and TMNT: Turtles in Time thanks to the wad manager. However, just recently the Wii update version 4.0 was released and I wanted to put all my VC and Wiiware games on the SD card including the ones I downloaded. The hacked VC content did not work so I deleted them and bought alot of Wii Points to actually physically purchase the games. However when upon downloading them from the Wii Shop Channel, I concured an error code as soon as the Wii stole the points that were needed to download said game and instead of downloading came up with error code 204036. Upon this, I thought it was an internet problem. Apparently it was not for I bought Super Punch-out!! with no problems since it was not a hacked game. Now I cannot purchase the VC games that I hacked nor hack them once more as I deleted my Homebrew Channel before I had the knowledge of this occurance. Now all these great games cannot be bought and I lost a good 5500 points on games that I cannot aquire. Any thoughts. Sorry for the long details but I need to find a way to download these games since I paid good money. Any suggestions? Thanks and I look forward to posting here often. I have tried to download this constantly and so far I still cannot download the games I spent actual money on because of the error code. It could be because of the leftovers of the Homebrew Channel and the wad files but I could be wrong. Please help!

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    My suggestion would be to reset your wii (as in reformat it through the wii systems menu) and then update your wii and connect to the wii shop which should allow you to redownload your games.

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    That's an excellent idea, botulismo and one I'm sure that will work. All the games I already have downloaded are on my SD card and nothing really great is on my Wii Menu so no worries then. So basically I'm flushing all existing files, including any wad data that may or may not have been left behind and essentially be able to redownload my downloads from the Shop Channel since there will be no trace of the codes anywhere. Two question that comes to mind however. Will my Wii points still exist on the Wii Shop Channel? And what about my save files, those are quite valuable and are not very replacable especially the Brawl save files?

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    And the problem with backing up save files to the SD card is that it does not work with all saves, including Super Smash Bros Brawl which is a game I have spent hours on and would hate to see the saves be deleted. It's very risky, especially if this doesn't work. I really wish there was a way for someone to test the theory in order to put me to ease.

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    i have a friend with system menu 4.2 and another friend with the same. On one of them i installed some VC's and they work fine but then on the other one they will play the music but not show anything until you hit the home button. Anyone have a clue to what would make this happen.. Thanks in advance!


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