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Thread: The Homebrew Channel Bug?

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    The Homebrew Channel Bug?

    ok i have hombrew channel but problem is when i go homebrew channel then exit to the system menu it gives me black screen then i have to turn off my wii to go back system menu is this a bug happend me 3 times already i have homebrew channel 1.0.1 can anybody help me fix this or this is a bug in the homebrew channel?

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    no, no black screen, no wii-hang at hbc exit

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    Then why do i get it can you help me please its annoying >_< and do i have latest version of homebew?oh btw i have no network.
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    1.0.1 is the latest, atm.

    how did u exit hbc ? after what apps?

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    No apps i just go to homebrew channel then press home and then exit then gives me blackscreen sometimes not everytime but sense you said should be fix i don't know whats the problem on the bottem were is says 1.0.1 it says l0S36 v.418. maybe im only one having this problem <_>.

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    then, google cIOS_Fix wad files and install what's shorted in ur wii.
    go for an overall solution,

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    well i remember installing cIOS_Fix from Ultimate Upgrade/Downgrade Guide thats how i got to 3.2 i can install wads everything fine or is there different cIOS_Fix to fix this problem?
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    billyhome do you recommend me to reinstall cios fix wad because homebrew channel still freeze on exit and sometimes i get a black screen when i try load something there and at the bottom sometimes it says 3.2U and freeze.

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    3.2u is the most optimistic version, keep it as is.
    try to load some apps (e.g. WAD manager, Gecko18, Gamma), then determine if u want to reinstall cios or not. no rush.


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