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Thread: Need image of inside dvd drive

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    Need image of inside dvd drive

    Hi, firstly I'm new to this forum and have searched but haven't found the information I'm after.

    I basically need a picture of inside a wii dvd drive.

    As I'm sure many hackers will be aware there is a mechanism at the back of the dvd drive on the reverse side of the top cover. Its a white plastic mechanism with a few thin pieces of metal attached and some springs. My wii drive has lost one of the springs. Its the one on the plastic mechanism on the left side as you look at it when the lid is open or on the right side if the dvd drive lid is in situation. As far as I can tell there is only one small wire spring on this side where as there are two on the others. The side with two springs are all in place but I bought my wii secondhand and its been opened and its missing the spring on the left side. Hence the drive is a very problematic loader.

    I just need an image of the inside so I can coil a spring to match the image. Alternatively if there is someone who has a broken drive with the spring available for sale I will gladly buy it off them.

    At the moment I have to use my wii uncased and would prefer to sort this so I can screw it back up again.

    If it helps I can take a picture for clarity so you know what I mean.

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    just comment:
    pic not clear
    post it to WiiMod section. better chance for possible echo.

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    Cheers. I've changed the image size and also posted in the modchip section. Thanks for the info.


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