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Thread: Downgrade/Upgrade hell.. Any ideas?

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    Downgrade/Upgrade hell.. Any ideas?

    Ok here is the outline
    Pal wii with homebrew channel was downgraded to 3.1 JAP !!!! then somehow they managed to deleted the homebrew channel as well.
    The machine is now 4.0 Jap and will not play anything (except possibly original Jap games)

    Stuck a wiikey in and still no joy even when changing the config (via other wii) to jap 1.9 firmware

    any bright sparks have any ideas or point me in the right direction. Not urgent as they have replaced the wii and it is more of a project now.

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    look like : AnyRegion Changer --> PAL wii --> 3.1J Jap wii, then wifi to 4.0J.
    reverse it with ARC, again. ....4.0J doable ? not sure
    wiikey will serve game once IOS/cIOS installed properly.

    more of a project.

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    Definately a project As far as i am aware they downgraded with CIOS then deleted the homebrew channel and nothing would play, Cannot get absolutely anything to load on the machine. And not being able to read Japanese doesn;t help matters

    Also page 3 in system settings has just 2 options.

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    tried to (re)install IOS16, 21, 36 249....?
    repair with System_Menu_288.wad ? 288 is for Jap console.

    (289 for USA, 290 for PAL. Never mess up, man !)


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