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Thread: help please medal of honor 2 loading problems

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    Unhappy help please medal of honor 2 loading problems

    First and foremost I am definitely a NOOB! When I get to the warning screen about using the wrist strap on "medal of honor 2 no more heroes" it freezes. the wiimote doesn't show the light for first player. I tried the gamma loader with the 002 fix. this is the only game this happens with. I BURNED TWICE WITH IMGburn at 2x, with the good verbatim discs. any help would be greatly appreciated

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    You need to patch this game to use IOS249 with the IOS patch tool, drag the iso onto it , input 249, burn iso and you'll be playing in no time

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    tried the patch tool but when i try to boot it on gamma or gecko it just reboots my wii. i am on 3.2e

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    i have a mario party 8 that dose the same thing i riped it from the disk but dost not what to work its just a bad burn from cd somone may have a solituion but i can't find one

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    I just got this working using USB Loader GX with cIOS 14. I simply used Alternate DOL - From Disc and selected the only dol available. Booted fine after that...

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    I used the ISOpatcher which is in PC apps i think... from Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire

    Download that file (Iso patcher), drag the ISO file onto the file you have just downloaded and follow the Dos Box malarky and then reburn the file...

    I tried this several times with several Loaders. I found NeoGamma R7 & NeoGamma R8 beta7 Both worked by going into the options and changing

    Boot Lang : Console Default
    Force Video : Disc
    Patch Video : Normal
    Vidtv Patch : No
    Patch Country Str.: YES

    When the Wrist strap bit comes up BE PATIENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it does work, the control goes off for about 10 seconds and then comes back on!

    my problem is i dont have the nunchuck so i cant get passed the first load of options lol

    But medal of honor 2 Heroes does work!


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