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Thread: New D2Pro 19 wire on NeoFlex align pad with Solid Red Light

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    New D2Pro 19 wire on NeoFlex align pad with Solid Red Light

    I solder 19 point to the NeoFlex with autoallign pads and double check for shortcircuit and it is all good

    Still get the Solid Red Light as soon as I turn it on

    I have reviewed soldering drawings and the only difference I have found is the point from I get the 3 v (using NeoFlex gives other point still good 3 v)
    Yes my D2pro chip has the blue checkmarck on the back for D2E chipset
    I'm sure the connections are ok

    what else to try or troubleshoot?????

    Any advice would be gratly appreciated...
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    Hello to all
    Thanks all for your support
    even that nobody directly help me I look into somebody else partial answers

    It turns out that on the new D2Pro with blue checkmark I only need to solder 9 wires for a D2E chipset and I was trying 19 wires

    Second I was using a flexpad NEOFLEX which is not compatible with D2Pro 9 wires

    I guess there is a lot of blanks of information when it comes to identify what kind of chip you have and what exactly soldering diagram it is supposed to use.

    After I re-solder the chip using the diagram from D2pro website I just have to put double wire on the V+ and GND I read in some of this forum that the chip sucks more power.

    Jumpers: I first try to set the region to USA NTSC with JP1 =1 JP2 =0, then I remove that jumper try one more time and it work like a charm.

    Small problem now is that sometimes the DVD drive fails to suck in the entire Disc so I need to reset and retry and it ok


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