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Thread: Original Imports not working =(

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    Unhappy Original Imports not working =(

    Hi everyone,

    Installed the Wasabi DX on my Wii last night. It is bought from Australia so I assume its PAL. Put in an original import disc which should be NTSC (Call of Duty), disc will spin for a bit but then the Wii tells me it can't read the disc.

    Wasabi DX has been set to PAL. Tested an original PAL game and it works. Tried another original import and same "can't read disc" message. Haven't tried any backup games yet, but it is a little disappointing that 2 originals imports aren't working.

    Have I missed something? Or is it known that some imports just don't work?

    Thanks everyone.

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    there should be a thingy in the menu to allow the imports to play..

    Edit: Setting is Wii Region Free = Enabled in the Wasabi Config menu..
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    Thanks for the reply B.

    Unfortunately, the Region Free setting is already enabled. I think I have all 3 of the config settings enabled, but the 2 games still don't work. =(

    Will try some backup games from a friend and see if they work.

    Thanks again.


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