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Thread: Hey guys new here and little question :)

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    Hey guys new here and little question :)

    Hey guys i recently used the twilight hack and running wiigator 0.3.

    i have managed to run the following games fine through backup loader.

    mario kart,mario 8 ,mario galaxy,pga and mario charged,

    however i cannot run mario and sonic olympics,i go to backup loader select load(like the other) but and soon as it says no codes found it the comes up wii error and look at game manual to fix.

    any help on this error? i dont do anything different.

    Is the wiigator 0.3 the best loader?

    Also if i get a game and it asks to update should i?

    one last thing lol soz,also when i place in a back up the game doesnt appear on main screen i have to go into homebrew channel everytime i wanna load.Is that normal to do?

    thanks in advance and appreciate any help


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    Use different loader, but still no guaranty,
    look in rapidshare link below my post

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    Install starfall to block game updates, you can have your backup loader as a channel rather than goin into hb to launch it, heres the latest one, and your game is prob a bad burn, try burning it again

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    thanks guys appreciate ya help----ill give it a try


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