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Thread: the auto updating problem with 3.4U

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    the auto updating problem with 3.4U

    I've gone through the sticky here about the issues with 3.3/3.4 and it mentioned that Nintendo changed the T&C to allow for auto updates on 3.4. I've read this elsewhere on this forum as well and its cited as a major reason for the need to downgrade to the safer 3.2 system...

    While on another forum I was told by experts there that there has never actually been a case of such an auto update happening to anyone's 3.4 machine - that the system always asks if update is to be performed even on 3.4 (with the exception of some issue with Wii Chess).

    Now, I'm getting a new Wii myself and it'll probably have a 3.4U system, so I'm wondering if this auto update scare is actually real or not...has anyone here who has a 3.4U system been actually affected by the system updating itself without user permission??

    Also, anyone with a softmodded wii running on 3.4U can you share your experiences? Or at least recommend whether I should consider doing the same?


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    If you're getting a new wii make sure you don't get a serial no. LU64+++++ one! Lots have been poppin up atm, tell the shop guy to check cos of some dvd drive issue or something Any earlier serial should be ok, the 64s will not softmod properly. As for the update, ive heard there is no code on the wii that will allow it to happen and haven't heard of anyone being affected....and softmod is well worth doing, you get a hell of a lot more wii for your money

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    I've already got it...its in transit and I cant check the serial this true? Why did I not find this out before! I can only hope now... is there absolutely no softmodding these wiis?

    Anyway, does anyone else have experience with the 3.4U related to my original post that they could share?


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