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Thread: Gamecube Backup - Green Screen

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    Gamecube Backup - Green Screen

    I have a NTSC-U Wii with a wiikey. I have the Homebrew channel installed, as well as Starfall. All my wii and gamecube backups are burned on TDK DVD-R, and all have run perfectly until this point. I recently downloaded this torrent (DK Bongo games collection for Wii/Gamecube (download torrent) - TPB). I apologize if I'm not supposed to post links - I looked for a rule regarding that and didn't see anything. I created a multigame ISO to run these.

    I found a Gamecube bongo at Gamestop for 1.99 and wanted to try some games. This torrent contains all of the compatible games from every region - except for Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat. I have only been able to find a PAL version of this game. All of the NTSC-U and NTSC-J games run fine. However, when I try to run the PAL games, I get a green screen. I searched for an answer, and all I found was a) the TV was not compatible. I have a Vizio and it is supposed to be PAL compatible. or b) get a component cable.

    So I'm asking - is there any way to run this without springing 30 dollars for a component cable? I have already tried using regionfree for gc in Starfall, and I downloaded the GC backup loader from the Homebrew browser and forced NTSC. No luck. Any suggestions?

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    I think there is a way to force PAL settings through your homebrew channel or try using Gecko to boot the game.


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