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Thread: deadly creatures

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    deadly creatures

    lets face it wii`s game library sucks and we rarely see any decent game on it.i started to get interested in this game from the moment i found out about it.the premise is alone is unique(in a good way)you play as a tarantula and a scorpion.
    it seems odd at first to see them perform beat`em up moves but when you get past that the game is actually quite good.the controls take some time getting use to but they do the job perfectly.
    i really liked playing as scorpion because of finishing moves,stinging a rat in the head never gets old!
    the graphics are also quite good(for WII anyway),the environments look creepy and sometimes disgusting in a good way.seeing a lizard trapped in webs,dead rats and scorpions never gets


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    Sweet, looking forward to it )
    Saw this at a video store near me and have been tempted to try it out to see if it's worth buying. What is the gameplay like long term? i.e. will I still be playing it a week after buying it or will the fun be over by then?

    Re: Wii library.
    Yes, the selection often seems filled with a bunch of ****, but a little bit of investigation of the game you want to buy goes a long way; These are ones I've enjoyed greatly so far:

    Red Steel
    Mario Kart
    Dead Rising (what I'm hooked on ATM)
    Super Mario Galaxy
    Super Paper Mario
    Metriod 3
    Twilight Princess
    Zack and Wiki - A little kewtsie but still fun.
    Star wars - The Force Unleashed - wasn't the best but at least it kept me interested til the end.
    Resident Evil 4 - Even though it's sometimes a bitch to aim or try to run away.
    WWE raw vs smackdown 2009 - probably more fun as I'm a WWE fan )
    Wii Fit (don't judge me ;D)

    Ones I've tried and didn't get into...
    Monopoly - rented this out and it sucks. I think mostly because I enjoyed this as a child cos stealing from the bank was half the game )
    Big Beach Sports - boring
    Super Smash Bros Brawl - bring on the flames now, but I tried this and it just didn't hook me. Keep in mind as a kid I was addicted to SSF2 and MK.

    Yes the pickings seem small but recently it's a lot better.

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    I agree more or less to your list!
    Super Mario Galaxy is a real blast, it alone justifies the buying of a wii for me (I am still playing it).
    Didn't try SSBB, though
    On the other side, the console really makes me angry for not having normal shader support... That's why most of the time graphics suck. For fun I made a comparison: I own Call of Duty WaW on the PC and on the Wii. On the PC, I took out the graphics card, and ran the game on a more than a year old INTEGRATED chip, on the same resolution (480p), and with low details (meanin NO specular lights and other advanced effects). It looked WAY better than the Wii (I never saw for example a decent fire effect that looks better than the ones on the XBOX1). Oh, and I know the architectural differences between the two things
    And yes, out of 30 titles there are only 2-3 that are really recommended, most are trash anyway...


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