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Thread: WiiWare installation issues

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    WiiWare installation issues

    I have a Wii (US,FW 3.2,modded with a wiikey-fw 1.9s).
    i installed the homebrew channel using the DVD image. I havent installed anything else (custom IOS,etc).
    I cant install any wiiware wads though the virtual console wads work just fine with wad manager.
    Any suggestions??

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    can you be more specific?what happnes when you try to installthem?

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    after i install any wiiware wad,it just returns to the channel doesnt start the game. the VCs work fine though.

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    after wiiware.wad installations, games show up as channels. u wiimote the channel and play along.
    wiiware files may be region-specific. need FreeTheWad to make it region free, then playable.

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    I got the same problem, 3.2u with backup gamma, only cios249rev7, wii ware does not boot for me either, i tried to install gradius as i love that game, but when i boot it it restarts to the wii menu, VC games work flawless, but wii ware will not, i've been wondering is there a specific ios i'm missing? BTW all games are playing fine, including troublesome titles, like animal crossing, madworld, and any other reportedly trouble titles, only a few titles won't work oh and i always get ntsc titles, so region ain't the problem

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    wad region is not the problem only have NTSC wads and used freethewad as well anyway.
    tried installing cios 37 rev 2 and rev 3(after reading this post: but,after installing them,i couldnt use wad manager to install wads(error-1027) or use cios uninstaller(reported errors) to remove the cIOSes. I then used any title deleter to remove the cios. any ideas? i also tried installing the wad first and then the cios but the wad failed to start.

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