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Thread: Newbee w/ Twilight Hack Problem

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    Newbee w/ Twilight Hack Problem

    newbee needs help W/ Twilight - 3.4u version
    Here's what I'm doing based on information I got from research

    DL zip file
    from Homebrew "Twilight Hack v0.1beta2"
    Following the installation instructions that's in the program.

    === Installation ===

    You'll need:
    - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii version)
    - An SD card, at most 2GB in size.
    - An SD card reader
    - Some homebrew to load ---------?? little confused on what this is???

    Copy the 'private' directory from this archive to your SD
    card, overwriting any existing Zelda saves or previous
    versions of the hack. Find whatever homebrew you wish to
    run, copy it to the root of the SD card, and rename it to
    boot.dol or boot.elf.

    -------I copied "data.bin" from private/wii/title/rzde/ to the root directory. renamed it boot.dol

    Then, insert the SD card into your Wii, delete the existing
    Zelda savefile using the data mangement screen. Switch to
    the SD view, locate the right version of the hack for your
    region, and copy it over to your Wii. You must have played
    Twilight Princess at least once in order for this to work.

    ------did all this, I read you do not need to play and also I need to play for 3 min or so. That true?

    If you have the USA version of the game, you must perform
    an additional step; please see below. Launch the game.
    Select the Twilight Hack savegame, and load it. Once inside
    the game, walk backwards. Sit back and enjoy.

    --did this-- This is where my problem occurs. It will start loading and than freezes. Some of the text goes like this.

    USB gecko serial interface not detected
    Loading FAT
    Boot.dol not found(-1)
    Failed to read boot.elf(-1)
    No code found

    I read somewhere it might be the SD card so I tried a new card and it did the same thing.

    Since there are two released versions of Twilight Princess
    for the USA region, these users must first check the
    version of their game disc. Take your Zelda disc, flip it
    over so that the data side is facing you, and look for
    a small line of text next to the inner edge of the disc,
    between the raised circle of plastic and the data area. If
    the text reads "RVL-RZDE-0A-0", you have a v0 game and
    you should select the TwilightHack0 savegame. If the text
    reads "RVL-RZDE-0A-2", you have a v2 game and you should
    select the TwiilghtHack2 savegame. If you do not select
    the correct version of the save, the game will freeze and
    the hack will not work.

    -- it's v0---

    Thanks in advance for any advise.

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    do you people even bother to read???!!!anyway:

    Some homebrew to load ---------?? little confused on what this is???
    seems you dont understand the concept behind twilit hack,its a way to run homebrew from sd cards(like homebrew channel).it doesnt do anything by it self.
    i think you want to install homebrew channel,right?
    there is a perfect guide for this with the needed files right here:

    -------I copied "data.bin" from private/wii/title/rzde/ to the root directory. renamed it boot.dol
    no,its a hacked save for zelda,you need to copy it exactly like this: private/wii/title/rzde/

    now this is just the begining,you have to download homebrew channel which comes with a boot.doll file,put it in root of your sd card and then play zeldawhen the save loads just walk to that guy and press A.

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    Thanks aiat. that link instruction and file is sooo simple. I spent 3 days looking and trying but it wasn't this clear to newbe like me. Your right, I didn't read this forum because I was tired by the time I came upon this site last night. Thanks for your help bunch.

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    no problem.this site is the best you just have to spend a little time searching.(and ther is a thank button for saying tanx!).

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    Im not understanding this

    I tried to install the homebrew but i couldnt get it to show up. Also im not sure if you play the zelda game first and save a game, then save it to the sd card and go from there.. can someone get on yahoo messenger and walk me through it..I catch on fast soon as i understand whats going on.. Chuckychuck20 is my yahoo messenger

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    Yeah I seen it on youtube as well and they show you step by step in a video on how it is done. My luck is I have a LU65 with v4.0 so not much I can do about installing HBC on mine until there is a hack for that. Pray for me guys.. lol

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    on sd card there should be private/wii/(forgot name)/data.bin
    in accordance with your wii region and firmware (3.2-3.4)

    On the root there should be a 'boot.dol' file which is homebrew channel (search on google and download homebrew channel)

    put in sd and go to wii setting then into data manage ment then into wii then go to sd and copy the zelda save (twilight hack)
    Play the gam and walk back, random code should run and hackmii installer for twilight hack should come up

    Follow on screen instructions and enjoy!


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