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Thread: Windows Wii Backup File System (beta)

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    Windows Wii Backup File System (beta)

    === Disclaimer ===
    This software is in beta stage, it is not heavily teted, but proved to work on the author system.
    Physical damages to your hardrive is possible due to very immature state of the code.
    Damages to hard-drive data are very possible.
    See the NO WARANTY part of the GPL license.

    Please dont use this software for illegal purpose.

    === beta3 changelog ===
    *improved the reliability of the usbstorage driver. It now resets the drive if it starts to error.
    *implemented libwbfs, a filesystem to store wii backups on an harddrive (see readme in sources for details)
    *implemented yal, the most simple usb-loader.
    *Two versions are available.
    **cios_usb2_install is IOS 202, and does not contain the DIP plugin nor yal.
    **cios_usb2_dip_install is IOS 222, and is not distributed on Please do not link to it on wiibrew.

    Wii Backup File System(WBFS) by Kwiirk.

    WBFS is a simple file system to store wii backup in an efficient way on a harddrive.

    === Wii Filesystem ===
    All Wii Games do not take advantage of the whole 4.7GB DVD.
    A lot of WII dvd sectors are in fact never used, even if there is random encrypted garbage in it.
    WBFS knows about the wiidisc filesystem, and will copy on the wbfs partition only the part that are really usefull.
    The idea of ignoring unused wiidisc sectors is not new, and is implemented in the WiiScrubber tool.

    === Disclaimer ===
    WBFS is a filesystem tool that may damage you disc partition if you dont know what you are doing.
    WBFS is in a early beta stage, a number of safety checks are not done, that may cause bugs.
    Please save your data, and report bugs (please be productive, and explain exactly the problem)
    The authors of the software decline all responsabilities on damage that can been done by the use of this software.
    This tool is not made to encourage piracy, only use your own backups from your own games.

    === Usage ===
    This version of wbfs only runs on linux, and will probably compile and work on other unixes including MacOSX even if it has not been tested.

    Before using wbfs tool, you must format your harddrive. use the tool gparted from linux.
    make a new primary partition of type "unformatted"
    If you dont know how to do it, then wbfs in its current form is not for you, forget it or you will lose data. Sorry.

    I assume now that $PART is the name of your recently created partition ( e.g. PART=/dev/sdc2 ), and your working directory is the binary release of wbfs_linux
    You must be root, or have read/write access to your partition ( "adduser <youlogin> disk" on debian and co plus relogging will do the stuff)

    *init the partition:
    ./wbfs -p $PART init
    then wbfs can find automatically your wbfs partition inside your disks.

    *add an iso to your partition
    ./wbfs add <your_wiidisc.iso>

    *list the wiidisc that are on the wbfs, you will get the DISCID, game name, number of wide sectors used, and number of GB used.
    ./wbfs ls

    *count the number of wide sectors / GB available on your partition
    ./wbfs df

    *build Homebrew Channel directories for all the games in your partition
    This will actually make a directory for each game with the DISCID of the game,
    copy the icon.png and boot.dol of the current directory, and make a meta.xml with the name of the game
    ./wbfs mkhbc
    Then copy all the directories in the apps directory of your sdcard.


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    build Homebrew Channel directories for all the games in your partition?

    Anyone had success with this?

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    Download seems to be missing


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