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Thread: Tut for installing Homebre Channel and things needed for playing backups

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    Tut for installing Homebre Channel and things needed for playing backups

    OK I hope that its OK with everyone that I made this, everything after the Homebrew Channel part is the same as 3.1-3.4 Twilight/Downgrade/Starfall/GammaTutorial written by EmperorOfCanada which is an AWESOME tut, I only made this because it has a more in depth look at installing the Homebrew Channel. All of this is exactly how I did mine and 4 others, I have done one Wii tat was Version 3.1 and I put notes for that below. I hope that this is as helpful to someone as it was to me and I would really like to thank EmperorOfCanada because without his tut I would still be having trouble out of the one that I had before

    What you will need

    1) Nintendo Wii with controller and nunchuck
    2) An original copy of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (for the Wii NOT the GameCube, you will only need it once so you can rent it or borrow it)
    3) An SD memory card (2 gig or less is best) and a way to read it on your comp, formated to FAT, I used a cheap digital camera of my daughters because the comp read the camera as a portable storage device instead of a camera so I could format it and move files to it.
    4) The Wii Hack for Playing BackUps from here
    5) IMGBurn (This is the best proggie found to burn Wii games) Just Google it, its free.
    6) WiiBrickBlocker for playing games out of your region (PAL game on a NTSC console etc) It patches the iso so i does not update the Wii upon load. You can just google this also. You also need the .NET framework, it is available on the Homepage of the WiiBrickBlocker site.

    Lets get started by installing the homebrew channel

    # Unzip the Wii Hack to you desktop
    # Open the Put onto the SD Card folder, move all these files just like they are to the SD card
    # Start Zelda in the Wii, create a save game and load it, pressing the - button on the controller will allow you to skip all the intro movies, when you get past all that press the + button to save then exit the game
    # Put the SD card into the Wii
    # In the Wii main menu go to Wii options-Data Management-Save Data-Wii and delete the Zelda save file (You have to have made the save file with an original game, you can not download a save file from someone else, it will not work!)
    # Click the SD Card tab at the top and select the EUR file (for Europe) or the US for USA and when when asked to copy to the Wii system memory say Yes
    # Go back to the Wii Main Menu and start Zelda again. Select the Twilight Hack save and load. If using a US hack (NTSC console and game) you must do the following, EUR should go to next step - Since there are two released versions of Twilight Princess for the USA region, these users must first check the version of their game disc. Take your Zelda disc, flip it over so that the data side is facing you, and look for a small line of text next to the inner edge of the disc, between the raised circle of plastic and the data area. If the text reads "RVL-RZDE-0A-0", you have a v0 game and you should select the TwilightHack0 savegame. If the text reads "RVL-RZDE-0A-2", you have v2 game and you should select the TwiilghtHack2 savegame. If you do not select the correct version of the save, the game will freeze and the hack will not work.
    # Once inside the game, walk backwards. Do this by simply pressing z and holding back on the joystick.
    # An install screen will come up, Accept all menus,Wii should reboot, if it does not just unplug it, wait a minute and plug it in and turn it back on, upon returning to the Wii main menu you will now have the Hombrew Channel

    OK, if you are on firmware version 3.1 (you can find this by going to Wii options from the Wii main screen and then going to settings and its in the upper right corner of the screen) after you install the Homebrew channel you will need to open the homebrew channel, run the IOS Downgrader (number 3) then move on to [STEP 2] below

    Step 1 [Perform these steps ONLY if you are already on firmware version 3.3 or 3.4 otherwise Skip to Step 2]

    + Load Wad Manager in Homebrew Channel and install IOS16-64-v257-prod.wad
    Yes, even if you have received errors trying to install other wads this should still work.

    + Load Custom WM in Homebrew Channel and install cios_fix.wad
    You cannot install this wad with Wad Manager. This is a custom wad manager designed to work for IOS16.

    + Load IOS Downgrader in Homebrew Channel. Just follow any prompts until it tells you it is complete.
    **Note: This is NOT the same as the cIOS downgrader. The cIOS downgrader allows you to upgrade or downgrade to the ideal firmware version which is 3.2. The reason 3.2 is so popular is partially because versions after this one had the Trucha bug
    fixed, and almost as importantly ver 3.2 is required to run Starfall. Starfall is important because it is at this time one of the only ways to fix a partially bricked Wii. It is also handy for skipping disk updates.

    [STEP 2] [Perform these steps if you are NOT on version 3.2. If you ARE on 3.2, skip to STEP 3]

    + Load cIOS Downgrader in Homebrew channel MAKING SURE you PICK YOUR CORRECT REGION. Follow prompts until done.
    3.2U = USA/Canada, 3.2E = Europe, 3.2J = Japan
    **Note: Once again, this is NOT the same as IOS Downgrader. This is what will upgrade or downgrade you to version 3.2 firmware which will allow you to install starfall. Starfall is important because it is at this time one of the only ways to fix a partially bricked Wii. It is also handy for skipping disk updates.

    [STEP 3] [You should now be on version 3.2 for your region. You're almost done!]

    + Load Starfall with Homebrew Channel.
    If you read the disclaimer carefully, you will see you are instructed to press B+1 and not B+2. Press B+1 until you get to the next screen. It is very picky so dont be surprised if you have to keep pressing it a number of times. At the next screen the most important things to install are the last 3 options. Many people like to just install everything which is okay too.

    + Run cIOS Installer in Homebrew Channel.
    This installs the IOS needed by the launcher.

    + Load "Install Shop IOS51". Say Yes to installing IOS51 and Yes to patching a fix but No to the Wii Shop Channel.

    + Load Wad Manager in Homebrew Channel and install:
    DjTaz_gamma_Loader.wad - This will give you a Gamma launcher channel. You can skip this if you prefer to launch backups from HBC or wish to install a different channel loader.

    You can also optionally install IOS38, as in some cases it is needed to run Animal Crossing.

    For game burning and playing all you have to do is unrar the downloaded game and burn the iso with IMGBurn at a SLOW SPEED. Most people say to use DVD-R disks (Good quality) but I just use Sony DVD+R and they have never failed me. If you have a game from a different region than what you Wii is just unrar the iso, start WiiBrickBlocker, load the iso that you unrared, click patch, it takes like 10 seconds and then burn.


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    link not woring in :

    4) The Wii Hack for Playing BackUps from here IOL - Error Page


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