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Thread: BIG Homebrew Wii Problem

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    BIG Homebrew Wii Problem

    Whenever I start Homebrew, all I get is poppable bubbles. How do I fix this? Pleas help me!

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    first of all, try to provide more info.
    what kind sdcard you used?
    like what is your purpose using hbc?
    installing wads, downgrade, ios?

    go to the tutorial section, you will find you answers

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    Do you have an SD card in the Wii?

    If so, are your applications in a folder called apps and then each in their own separate folder with a boot.dol file?

    If either of these are false, it means you need to read instructions better. Then, fix them and it'll be all right.

    If both of these are true, then please give more information.


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