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Thread: i am getting a blue screen when i load game saiding error 002

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    Us i am getting a blue screen when i load game saiding error 002

    i am getting a blue screen when i load game saiding error 002 i have usa wii that 3.3u and i can't get sonic the black knight working and i have the iso34.56.55 thing installed like the forum said to do and it still don't work please Help me someone.

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    i'm on 3.2e and had the same problem with sonic and mad world, i installed wii backup launcher and they work fine.

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    Unhappy bluescreen error 002 when using usb loader

    finally installed usb loader inserting backup game into wii transfer to usb no probs but when i try to load the game the screen goes blue with error 002 any ideas to fix guys im running 3.2 cheers

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    This has been discussed numerous times in the issues forum (use the search) and is easily fixable by applying the error 002 fix in the USB Loader options and I'm assuming your using USB Loader GX.

    I won't report you this time but next time please use the search box IT HELPS ALOT!!

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    thankyou i appreciate the response however you'll also notice im new to this forum so im still getting to grips with where to post questions, oh im not using usb loader gx im using Waninkoko USB Loader 1.5 pretty basic but it worked. anyway thanks

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    USB Loader 1.5 lacks the 002 error fix. You'll need to use a different loader, perhaps USB Loader GX and use the said 002 fix setting.
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    your a star mate thankyou i will delete the other usb and install gx thanks for taking the time to respond


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