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Thread: Motherboard swap? Need help...

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    Motherboard swap? Need help...

    Hello wiihacks, I'm an experienced xbox360 repair/modder that has ventured into the wonderful world of Wii mods. It hasn't started well. Long story short, I was trying to remove epoxy off D2E chip and mangled the motherboard. I'm hoping I just need a new mobo. I searched and found that I can replace the DVD drive with any other chip (since couldn't find D2E on ebay). But, my question is, can I just buy and mobo and use it? or does it have to be D2E?

    Thank for any help in advance....

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    ....D2C, D2E, or the latest D2/nothing are fit for any mobo. there used to hv various modchips for the different DVD-ROM (ie. ...D2C, D2E); but not for mobo.

    so, u just buy mobo as use as is.

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    Thanks for info, I'll order the cheapes one I can find. Ebay is my best option? any other vendors?


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