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Thread: WiiKey 2 help please

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    WiiKey 2 help please

    I have done some searching about and reading, but I am still unsure what to do regarding a problem I have with my UK Pal WII.
    My wii is brand new with the very latest firmware installed, I had an original wiikey2 installed and it also has latest firmware which is 1.2 i believe.

    I have burnt off many games using the same method and media with success, but there are some which all i get is to the start button then blackscreen and freeze thereafter. I have tried reburning etc to no avail. Some suggested it was the rip, but as they are scene rips and nobody else has reported issues with the said rips, it rules that out. I have asked on another forum, I mentioned fw downgrade, they said i should not have to do that, I also mentioned homebrew, they said no to that also, so now i am confused totally. I can accept the odd one or two games not working, but this is not the case. All below do not work. Any advice will be greatly appreciated

    M&M's Beach Party (zry release) Ntsc-u
    WarioWare Smooth Moves (quiif release) Ntsc-u
    Don King Boxing (Wiierd) Pal
    Summer Sports 2: Island Sports Party (Procision) Ntsc-u
    Mario and Sonic At The Olympics Pal
    Sam and Max Season One Pal
    Big Brain Accademy Pal
    Ultimate Board Games Collection Pal
    Call of duty waw
    Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 Pal
    Super Smash Bros (wiierd) Pal
    Madworld (wiizard) Pal

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    anyone please? I have read about forum, but there are a lot of conflicting answers and i do not want to mess my wii up. I did try contact wiikey direct but no response from them :-(

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    for a pal wii to play ntsc-u ISOs, hbc + Gecko be applied. installed ?

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    Hi Billy, thanks for responding, I am totally new to this, so please excuse my ignorance. I am aware of homebrew, what is gecko? and is all this easy enough to install?

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    wii is brand new with the very latest firmware installed ---
    3.3E ? 3.4E ?? 4.0E???

    blackscreen and freeze thereafter....
    possible causes:
    1.bad media, may be
    2. lack of IOSs, may be
    3. modchip non-compatible, not ur case
    4. improperly patched iso, may be
    5. out-of-region games need GeckoOS:Config, may be
    6. +...... sth i don't know.

    M&M's Beach Party (zry release) Ntsc-u ...... 1/2/5
    WarioWare Smooth Moves (quiif release) Ntsc-u......1/2/5
    Don King Boxing (Wiierd) Pal.... 1/2
    Summer Sports 2: Island Sports Party (Procision) Ntsc-u....1/4/5
    Mario and Sonic At The Olympics Pal....1/2/6
    Sam and Max Season One Pal.... 1/2/6
    Big Brain Accademy Pal.....1/2/6
    Ultimate Board Games Collection Pal......1/2
    Call of duty waw........ 1/2
    Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 Pal.....1/2
    Super Smash Bros (wiierd) Pal.......1/6
    Madworld (wiizard) Pal[/QUOTE].... 1/2/6

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    search for GeckoOS1.07b, to be precise
    Region Booting with GeckoOS1.0b [credit: e39]

    it's available in this Forum.
    make yourself a stong fundation to play.

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    Thanks for that m8. I thought that 3.4E was latest, but I stand corrected now. I updated to 4.0E, a lot of games that did not work now work.
    Summer Sports 2, Mario & sonic at Olypics, m&m beach party, Warioware smooth moves still not working. I have read up a bit more, when it comes to homebrew, there is a lot of talk about downgrading fw, obviously i dont want to do this as the games that are now working will go back to not working i would assume. Is it safe to install geckos etc and keep fw 4.0e.

    Thanks for all your help so far

    from what in see twilight hack does not work with 4.0E, also hbc .ISO (Selfbooting disc image for people with drivechips)
    !! Only works on systemmenu <= 3.2 and requires a modchip !!

    Am i right to assume i will have to downgrade to 3.2, install hbc and gecko, then update back to 4.0E? or am i better off waiting for things to become 4.0E compatible?
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    Use a backuploader for the out of region games....

    As stated above geckos, gamma backup loaders, anyone one should be fine, you'll need homebrew channel and 3.2 though.....

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    if i do as you say: you'll need homebrew channel and 3.2 though..... does this mean i have to stick to 3.2? as a lot of games did not work with 3.4e, they do with 4.0e, 3.2 being earlier i would have thought would cause more issues?

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    trekster, thanks for the info m8, can you confirm my last message then i can rap this up and give it a go

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