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Thread: any1 got vertigo cover art????

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    any1 got vertigo cover art????

    looking for the game "vertigo" coverart. driving me crazy, cant find it anywere. any help would be appreciated

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    Yep, I looked for it as well, only found some unusable low-res pictures

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    if anyone has the front and back cover for vertigo send to my email

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    you are not the only one, i cant find it . if you do send me e-mail or site address,thanks

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    I could use the cover too!! It's one of the only ones on my shelf in a solid black case
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    hey everyone
    i got tired of looking for the cover so i made my own, it aint nothing real special but its better than nothing. Enjoy!!!
    p.s. its in RAR format so you will have to unzip it.
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