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    I noticed there was scattered information about the flatmod solderless chip and just bunched together everything i have come across.

    For installation assistance here is a video that will help

    For pictures here is some help
    Review FlatMod |

    This one is a bit better.
    Instalación del modchip FlatMod - DKZ

    Its all in spanish but pretty much they sum this up to be a great chip and in there test it was able to play originals and backups with no problems. Apparently there is a rumor that flatmod will be producing a flatmod and flatmii combo as a new chip to be released soon.

    Additionally on the website it is said that flatmod only supports dvd-r and not dvd +r
    Can anyone can confirm this please?

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    I dont know why you would use dvd+r, but then again it is like beta vs. vhs. I use dvd-r as that is what I have on hand and burn at 3x. I like the flatmod so far my investment has paid off.

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    Red face

    Just ordered a Flatmod after much deliberation as to which solderless solution to use, and just noticed a certain site has stopped selling them due to high failure rate?
    Certainly hope this is not the case.
    Cheers for the installation help night, as you say there is a bit of scattered info about.

    *UPDATE* Received Flatmod in post this morning, very quick delivery.
    Easy install in less than 1 hour and all working ok, well done Flatmod.
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