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Thread: Can i play VC games on my wii(3.4U) wih wiikey2

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    Can i play VC games on my wii(3.4U) wih wiikey2

    I have my wii with wiikey2. Can i play VC games downloaded from internet without installing homebrew/gecko OS/WAD??

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    When you say downloaded do you mean from the Shop channel on Wii. Yes you can. If you are talking about an illegal copy then you need to have a wad manager which required 3.2.

    There are other people who understand the limitations of HBC better that will need to comment as well.

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    Talking Love My Wii

    Hello all, I have had my Wii a little over six weeks now. I brought it , Will fit and EA active at the same time.Just for to work out with...Winter is on the way and can't always make it to the spa.
    Since my purchase I have found some wonderful games to play with my console
    There are some other slots in the Wii,I would like to know what other things I can do besides the internet,shoping and looking at pictures.
    I hope to find out lots thru this form.


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