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Thread: Weird firmware situation

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    Weird firmware situation

    I need a little help here.

    I have by accident installed the newest Wii firmware , but somehow failed and still works. When i check what version it is it says 4.0E and i have the new features, but when i try to use Shop Channel it says i have to update?
    I also tried copy the twilight hack, but when i tried copy it said i had to played the game before, i could?

    Will i be able to install the homebrew channel? And what version should i use?
    My friend has the HBC and will i be able to copy the channel, if he copies his HBC to a SD card, and i copy it off from his card to my wii. Is that possible?

    I seriously need some help! Thanks!
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    I have the same situation. Refer to my post.

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    Thanks! maybe i try sending it in.

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    Alright now I got it completely updated, so now i just wait for a new way getting the HBC.

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    Would you care to tell us how you solved the problem?

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    Ahh sorry, forgot...

    i just tried updating again, and it worked! Maybe you should try updating again.
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