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Thread: What do i do here ? i really need help ?

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    Unhappy What do i do here ? i really need help ?


    Ok look i've been going on and on with the same question but i have another addition see what the prob is i have no idea lol,whenever i rip and iso or copy a dvd or even rip the hombrew channel iso to my modded wii,it crashes and shows an effed up screen like this.. . But is it a problem of a modchip ? or anything ? whats the solution ??

    The error is "an error has occured,please eject the disc and turn off the wii refer to operations manual."

    P.S I use verbatims DVD-R ,i burn at 2x speed and i have no idea of the wii's software n stuff like IOS verison etc. please explain.i'm really in a dilema. i also have the twilight hack & HBC if needed. Thanks
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    Are the ISO you are burning scrubbed or modified? Try downloading a unmodified (not scrubbed or removed update partition) ISO. Burn with imgburn (its free) at 4x The DvD's you are using are good. Let us know if this changes anything. I get the same message from time to time. Might even be a bad burn or burner.

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    well i just click copy on the"backups" i buy,i still think its some other prob.

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