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Thread: Shakey wiimote

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    Shakey wiimote

    Has anyone else experience a shaky wiimote after installing the drivekey? i've installed 3 now in freinds/familys wii and all have shakey wiimotes after installation...

    does anyone know about this problem yet?

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    check your bateries and adjust your wiimote is not chip related.... probably just a coincidence

    or try it with the drivekey removed with the same conditions...distance, batteries, sensitivity..etc

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    Us same here

    I started seeing a shaky cursor in Bomblox and COD immediately after I updated to 4.0u. All 4 remotes did it at some point while playing Bloomblox with some friends. I don't think it's battery related, but I'll test some more tonight. Also, I use individual rechargeable batteries. what do you use?

    I never had this problem before I updated. It's possible the new update is not the cause and it's a big coincidence, but I doubt it.

    It is not the drivekey, my wiimote's were working great for 2 weeks on 3.4u with drivekey installed and running. My first guess is that the system update fiddled with some setting and they need to be reset, hopefully it doesn't require downgrading to 3.4u > <
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    do you mean like the cursor flickering from time to time? this seems to happen to me when i'm at the main wiimenu but not so often when i'm actually in a game


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