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Thread: Burning Your Game Backups

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    Burning Your Game Backups

    Burning A WII, or Game Cube Backup

    First, make sure that before following this tutorial that you have a modchip installed. If you do not: "This Will Not Work"

    One problem with most burners is the ability to read ISO's with these WII games, software like powerISO gives errors. I say stick with freeware. If it works use it.
    For this software we are going to be using IMGburn.

    Download link: Click Here To Download (SAFE)


    When you install that software open it.
    From there you notice it is somewhat simple.

    Please excuse my use of Paint, I dont have Photoshop on this computer.

    1. Click on number one where the arrow is pointing to in the image to browse for your ISO file. Try to use .ISO files to avoid confusion.

    2. Make sure your destination is set at your dvd Burner.

    3. Change your write speeds to 2X, or 1X, the slower the better.

    Make sure that you are using DVD-R's for best results.

    4. Click Burn which is this unhighlighted field currently, (because I have a burned disc in my drive)
    it will take approximately 15 minutes on 2x

    Its Done!

    Thank you for your time

    Thanks Drew

    edit: only recommend dvd brands are Verbatims and Taiyo Yudens made in japan/singapore/taiwan..

    although dvd+r works well for some..overall dvd-R is more compatable with the wii and most burners out there

    we find that there just is too many issues with brands like memorex, maxcell, sonys, tdks, fuji,phillips...etc

    sure some will work without issues initally...but it will happen....DRE's..Bad laser, sick motors on dvd drive etc
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    I burn at 8x and haven't had any problems, all my backups work fine.

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    Same ere using a pioneer 112d buring at 8X on ritek disks not s single problem

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    Depends on the quality of discs you use, my K-Hypermedia discs don't like fast burns, so I burn them at 1x and they work fine. Really the key is to do whatever works for you. And there is no need to whine about a handful of botched burns... think about what you re doing here... you can waste an entire spindle and still not be losing money, technically speaking.

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    Do you need a special dvd burner to do this?

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    NOPE! just any burner.

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    i use a [deleted curse] burner at x2 with verbatim dvd-r
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    Still new to this. I have burnt several images, all at 8 speed (I hadnt read this at the time). They worked at first, but suddnely the drive no longer recognises them and the screen goes black and it tells me to eject the disc, switch off the wii and refer to manual for advice." Has anyone else had this? Is it a bad recording, or a bad wiikey fitting?

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    could be the burning, id say its safest to burn it as slow as possible, ive had much better luck with 2x then 8x or higher

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    hey guys or gals, i'd just finish downloading a wii torrent file, im having problem extracting them all files are the same..what should i do with all these rar files, should i first extract them then burn it or is there a faster way of doing this? please!!!!!!thx

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