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Thread: new to psp modding

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    Talking new to psp modding

    hi this is chozo and i know their is several ways to do this and so many fake or just confusing vids on youtube i have one of the easyiest ways to down grade your psp unfortunately it does require you to take apart your battery if your uncomfortable with doing that their is battery's you can buy online that work just like a Pandora battery ---- the main problem is loading the proper files ---- the best way to go about it to go to the main source Dark-AleX - PSP Developer their you should have eny file you may need for this ------ so in about a week or 2 i am working on getting my own files that is in other wise idiot proof and those files would be your magic memory stick or jigstick as it is im not entirely situated yet to do eny thing but right now id be more then happy to point you in the right direction

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    Did you let everybody know that you can't mod PSP 3001 right now?
    The Datel Blue battery can put it into service mode (Used to install CFW) But it can't install the CFW.

    If you have a PSP 2001 (Slim) or a 1001 (Phat),
    In order to not screw up your PSP's I would suggest just buying a Pandora Battery online. You might end up screwing your battery or even your PSP.
    A good program to make a Magic Memory stick is PSP Grader Lite.
    Happy Homebrewing

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    although see unfortunaly iMyles is correct because the TA-088v3 mother board on the 3000 wont do anything with a pandora battery and altough they are rare but the TA-088 (1000-phat)and TA-088v2(2000-slim) motherboards wont pandorize etheir so yea pplz you's gotta be carefull because you could possibly destroy your psp although your best bet is to go to your local pawn shop and buy an old battery so u can hard mod it for a pandora and the only reason i say that is because not all sites are trustable but if you want to make a magic stick your self you could go with iMyles idea but then you might as well as go to the sorce and use dark aleX's Despertar del Cementerio v8 with time machine<(it lets you down grade on the fly to w/e firm ware you want ) and get the ''newest CFW"but yea any comments are greatly appreciated

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    Ive got a pandora battery on order and i set my card up with PSP Grader, how would i update to the latest cfw?

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    PSP's are simple, you should use Despertar del Cementario v8 or 9, I'm not sure of the number but its the latest version, but the latest one in conjunction with a pandora battery will result in having 5.00 m33-6 CFW, its been a while since I touched my PSP, probably gonna sell it, its basically a dead system. Good for homebrew and internets, but no games are coming. Buy a small MSPD (i got a 256mb) and a spare battery (make sure its pandorizable) once you have installed the cfw and keep em on hand just in case

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