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Thread: Help W/ D2Sun Please!

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    Unhappy Help W/ D2Sun Please!

    I have recently updated from a wii key to a d2sun v3.0 w/wii clip after my wiikey quit working. Now I have got all the setting set up right on the d2sun but have noticed only half of my games are working. The ones that aren't working are Super Mario Galaxy, Madden 09, Mario Kart Wii, Resident Evil 4, and so on. I am running 3.2u.. Any Help Is Appreciated.
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    it could be the media you have is either not good or your d2sun chip is very picky.

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    try it without the clip
    imho clip cause more issues than they solve.

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    Probably media, if its loading your other backups, use verbatim dvd-r,
    Keep on trying... Never Give Up...


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