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Thread: WiiKey and NTSC GC game (mario kart) on PAL

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    WiiKey and NTSC GC game (mario kart) on PAL

    Hello World,

    i just tried to play a backup of one of my imported GC games (mario kart double dash NTSC) on my PAL Wii with the WiiKey installed (and working). The Disc is recognized as a GC disk but when i press Start on the Disc-Channel the only thing i get is a blackscreen.

    The WiiKey should be able to play import GC backups, right? Some are said to need the "swaptrick", however i haven't fully understood why i need that having the modchip installed. Next question would be - where do i get such a Swapdisc from? Can i burn it myself or does it have to be a industrially pressed disc?

    Thanks in Advance
    - nebuk

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    hahaha I got the same problem with a PAL version of Mario Kart on my US NTSC Wii.

    It's the first import i've tried to play
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    on a diffrent subject... where do you's "find" your imports?


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