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Thread: stupid mistake and now im stuck

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    stupid mistake and now im stuck

    well hey everyone I've gotten my self into a bit of a pickle here. my friend was over today and well he loves my Wii and the homebrew channel... anyways i installed system menu 4.00 and well to make a long story short he installed preloader onto it and now i'm stuck with the preloader menu. so my question is this, can someone supply me with the proper wad (the system menu NTSC 4.00 i believe) so i can fix this mess or can i use one for like system menu 3.2 and all will be peachy?

    thanks in advance

    Incase you missed it my Wii is NTSC or 4.0U

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    yeah you will need the 3.2 system menu, take a search i just seen it posted in this forum, why go to 4? there is little reason for it and look what happens, its not been fully fooled around with yet

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    SDHC support is the only thing I can think of.

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    so what your saying is that even though my system menu is currently 4.0 with preloader installed i can reinstall system menu 3.2 and fix everything???????????

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    Yes when you install preloader it will semi brick your wii so do it at your own risk, but with the Region changer you can load that into your SD card under apps and then you can tell pre loader to go into Homebrew and re-install 3.2,

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    alright im trusting you with this ill edit this post if it works

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    Remember you are doing this at your own risk. SO be careful.

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    When you run the preloader, hold down the reset button to get the text menu. Select go to bomebrew. Then select the region changer software. Then when that program loads select, to install the 3.2 firmware. Make sure you have available internet connection.

    You can also just wait until preloader is compatible with 4.0.......

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    before i do this i want to make sure i do it right

    step 1 load HBC
    step 2 load wad manager 1.3
    step 3 install system menu 3.2????

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    Do you have the homebrew channel already? Can you get to it from the preloader that is already installed?

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