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Thread: system 4.0 and wi-fi troubles

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    system 4.0 and wi-fi troubles

    I forget where i read this, maybe here, maybe not, i was drunk , anyways, i thought i read that if your wii is hacked, and you play wi-fi games ex. mario kart, or cod waw... that nintendo can disable your wi-fi ability, I really hope this isnt true, maybe it only had some thing to do with using cheats while on wi-fi, i cant remember, but if any one has any info on this, it would be great if you could tell me while im sober. im not doing the update, and thank god for starfall, because i woke up the other day to my light flashing and a message from nintendo about the update, but auto is blocked... thanx starfall.
    anyways, if anyone knows about this, share the info please..............wiihacks is the greatest , down with obama......

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    close this thread , found it in homebrew horror thread

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