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Thread: Hex'd/GCOS Config Discs

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    Hex'd/GCOS Config Discs

    New to all this...

    It seems that all circular links point to a site that no longer offers these config discs.

    Wiikey v1 installed on D2B v3.4U. Reads originals, no burned discs. Naturally, it won't read 1.9s firmware or config burned DVD -/+ R.

    Without a GC controller, I understand that I need to swap out 2 DVDs, a "hex'd" and "original" v1.2 config discs. I see on original Wiikey site that 1.9s is the update firmware, along with a v1.9s config disc -- I assume v1.2 is just because of an old post.

    I'm unable to find suitable information on how to make a hex'd disc -- it looks to be some header change that creates a pseudo-GC disc. How do I do this?

    I could get a GC controller, but I can't even find a working link for a GCOS config disc. Is this simply a padded config disc? There's reference to a filechop, but for the life of me I can't even find a link for that.

    I've also read that pre-3.0 Wii versions do not block wiikey config/update discs. Via Homebrew->cIOS->wouldn't I be able to downgrade to 2.9U, or whatever, do my wiikey update, then update to 3.2U?

    Very confused.

    Extra: Apparently I gather that v1.2/1.3 is the correct version of config disc, yet I don't know why the official wiikey site states the same version number for both firmware and config.

    I also gather than stock wiikey, regardless of firmware, should already play a burnt disc of an older game. Assuming this is correct, there's something very wrong here. Multimeter spits out no shorts and full contact with the corresponding pins on D2B. Is the only other way to check if this chip has a good flash is if it reads a backed up disc? :\
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    1.2 is for wiikey 2 and 1.9 is for wiikey 1.

    If your console isn't reading any back ups I would be conserned that something came disconnected in your install. Are you getting some game sto be recognized?

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    1.2 v 1.9 -- ahh, makes sense there.

    No, no burnt disc of any kind is read. No games, not the firmware or config either. Followed all instructions for IMGBurn, tried -/+ R discs on various brands.

    Something disconnected? As in the chip's contacts? I've inspected it under microscope and multimeter to check the connection. Everything there is solid.


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