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Thread: WiiKey2 w/WiiClip - Solid red light

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    WiiKey2 w/WiiClip - Solid red light

    Hi guys,

    I recently purchased a combo wiikey2 / wiiclip but when I
    installed it in my wii only the red led would illuminate and it stayed
    illuminated. Also, the DVD would not power up nor would it accepts a game
    disc. When I removed the wiikey the system operated normally. I tried
    reinstalling 5 different times - all with the same result.

    One item of note about my wii. I got this particular wii from Nintendo as
    part of a warranty replacement ( its a refurbished unit) but when I opened
    it up to install the wiikey 2 I noticed that it had a silver DVD ribbon
    cable vice the brownish/gold that my original had. Could that be part of the
    problem? I dont know why it would matter but its the only thing that seemed
    "out of the ordinary".

    Also, I verified my chipset and it is in fact a DMS so by all rights the
    wiikey2 should work. Am I missing something? Could I possibly have a faulty
    wiikey2 / wiiclip?

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    Red light means you do not have solid connection somewhere. I have had it when one of my points was not soldered good enough. With a clip you will have one of two things happeneing. The first is that the clip isn't pushed down all the way and evenly. The second is that you have bent some pins and causing a short to happen.

    Remove your clip and check for bend pins and reinstallit evenly and firmly snug. Post back your results.

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    Thanks for the reply. I took a look and reinstalled the wiikey2 /wiiclip but the results were the same. I took a coule hi resolution pics of both the inside of the wiiclip and the solder joints on the wiikey2 to wiiclip interface, would you mind taking a look and let me know if you see anything "out of the ordinary"?

    Thanks -

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    A couple better pics -


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